Special Transport – LTI – Logística e Transportes Integrados

Special freight transport

We carry loads of great dimensions, weight and height. We think, solve and execute any single freight transport up to 1030 tons. It complements the fleet with a set of extensible trailers (up to 26m), machine carriers and modular trailers with load capacity up to 1,030 tons.

Most of the power transformers were handled and transported by LTI to Soyo, Ambriz, Kapari and N'zeto, under the works of Odebrecht. A total of 5 transformers weighing between 160 and 190 tons each, with discharge at the end point, are used specific methods and techniques only within the reach of specialized teams and technicians.

Technical Assistance

Taking attention to the technical constraints susceptible to occur in equipment, the useful life of these is provided by corrective and preventive maintenance based on international quality standards.

Thus, autonomy also created in this chapter. A fully equipped workshop and qualified personnel, makes the rear of our entire operation, making the company independent

Safety and Follow-up

To provide greater convenience to our customer who is the most important component of our entire structure, all our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking device of the present generation. Allowing us to monitor the fleet in real time 24 hours a day.

Reduced the time spent out of the car park with the creation of re-fueling station, enabling our truck to leave the yard and has as destination, the customer premises