Institutional – LTI – Logística e Transportes Integrados

About LTI
Who we are, Mission, Vision and Values of the Company

LTI - Logistics and Integrated Transport, Lda., Integrated on MPCP Group. - Management, Investments, Consulting & Business Promotion Ltd, is a company under Angolan law, and was founded in 2008 to meet the challenges that Confronted the ESA -. Engineering services Angola, Lda, (Associate Company of Construction and Civil, Public Works), in the transport area of materials, in freight forwarding activities (import materials, equipment and goods for construction), and direction of transport, reception and circulation of goods and merchandise.

At present, the company is dedicated to integrated logistics, transportation and equipment rental processes, which can be combined or decoupled, providing the possibility to find the best solutions for this purpose, according to the needs of each client.

To meet this wide range of services, the company has a structure that guarantees the process from customs clearance to door to door delivery.

Strategically, in order to better serve the market, in addition to investing in geographic location in two key regions of the country (Luanda and Lobito), the company constantly seeks to invest in expanding the necessary resources (human and material) to cover the needs and Challenges it faces, in a competitive and sustainable way.

Main Base
Via Expressa Fidel Castro Benfica / Cacuaco (Near to Terra Verde) - Luanda

The main operational base is located in Luanda, on the Benfica / Cacuaco Expressway, strategic point of privileged access to all routes:

  • Luanda port;
  • Dray port of Panguila;
  • Dray port of Viana;
  • Provinces.

Operational Base
Av. Paulo Dias De Novais - Benguela - Lobito

Located on the main road Lobito - Catumbela (next to the pediatric Hospital), it has an area of 42,000 m2 / 10,000 m2 asphalted, and is strategically 2 km from Lobito Port.

Missão da Empresa


Develop, deploy and manage technical solutions for transportation and logistics according to the needs of each client.

Visão da Empresa


To be recognized in the market as the BEST operator of logistics, equipment rental, transport and distribution in the country.

Valores da Empresa


  • Qualification and valorization of the Human Being.
  • Commitment of the team and active participation of all in the pursuit of the client's full satisfaction Transparency to
  • Employees.
  • Suppliers and Clients.
  • Innovation and Pioneering.